Committees Form the Backbone of the WAIA

Executive                                                                         Chair: Barry Scott                 

Parking & Traffic                                                        Chair: Tom Stallings
VCU Relations                                                              Chair: Tom Stallings  
Crime & Security                                                       Chair: Bill Creekmur  
Communications                                                     Marty Martin                           
Rental Units & Apartment Dwellers          Chair: Richard Harris
Zoning/Code Enforcement                              Chair: David van Blaricom
Events/Social                                                               Chair: Open
Public Safety                                                                Chair: Bill Creekmur
Nominating Committee                                    Chair: Jack Enoch
St. James Liaison                                                     Chair: Evelyn Sutton   
Beth Ahabah Liaison                                            Chair: Ken Roeper
FDA Liaison                                                                    Chair: Tom Stallings