guide to homeowners and architects


General Info

The WAIA receives numerous requests each year concerning  the requirements the WAIA has for building, remodeling, etc. 

The West Avenue Improvement Association is dedicated to  the orderly development, preservation and restoration of the neighborhood and works to maintain and promote the quality of life of our residents.  The WAIA  does not have any governing or architectural oversight powers.  If you are an  architect, developer, or homeowner wishing to make upgrades, additions, etc. we suggest you check with the city of Richmond’s Community Development Office.   

Their website is


In general if you are seeking a zoning change, special use  permit, or building permits the city will generally contact or have you contact  the WAIA to review and garner approval of such changes prior to the city issuing  any such permits.  Again, your best source of information concerning  requirements is from the City of Richmond.

There is a an extensive zoning page for Richmond here.

Tax Abatement

If you are planning an extensive remodel of your residence, you may want to investigate obtaining a tax abatement.  All homes in the WAIA are eligible for this abatement.  You can find out more about this program here.